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Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes

The purpose of car insurance is to protect a person’s assets after he or she is found to be responsible for causing a collision. The most basic car insurance policies cover any injuries and property damages suffered by third parties. In every state in the union, the driver deemed responsible for instigating the collision will be charged with taking financial responsibility for the damages caused. Drivers also have the option of purchasing coverage that will apply toward their own vehicles as well.

Car Insurance Commonly Required in Every State

Most states require that drivers purchase at least liability insurance in order to register their vehicles and drive on the public roads. Liability insurance coverage is the bodily injury and property damage insurance described above that applies toward third party bodily injuries and property damages only. Some states require that their drivers also insure themselves against the damages they can experience from uninsured or underinsured drivers.

Possible Penalties for Driving without Car Insurance

Because car insurance is required in most states, those who neglect to purchase it are subject to receiving penalties. Some states mandate the payment of a small fine of a couple hundred dollars for driving without car insurance, but other states may levy fines of thousands of dollars as well as requiring these offenders to serve jail time or perform community service.

Types of Car Insurance

Most states require liability coverage, but car insurance companies are also authorized to sell several other types of car insurance coverage:

An Unfortunate Scenario

Some car insurance customers only purchase the minimum amount of coverage that is required of them in their states. Doing this is one way of keeping the cost of their premiums down. Unfortunately, this may leave them unprotected and underinsured. In the event that the medical bills or the property repair bills amount to more than their car insurance companies are required to provide, they will be personally responsible for paying the remainder of the bills.

The Alternative to Purchasing the Minimum Coverage

Rather than risk being personally responsible for medical and/or property repair bills amounting to several thousands of dollars, car insurance customers have the option of obtaining quotes from several different car insurance companies. Some car insurance companies will offer very high quotes, but people who solicit several quotes will discover that they will be introduced to companies willing to charge them surprisingly low rates.

Obtaining these several quotes is easy. After entering in a little personal information, several quotes become available for the client to pursue further. The companies with the best rate quotes may also have several discounts they are currently offering that will further lower the premiums. When using the comparison service on this website, people have been known to save more than half off of their car insurance premiums.